Bengal Autumn                                        International Circuit of Photography 2014,            Approved and Patronized by FIAP - PSA - FIP           KOLKATA - BARASAT - PURULIA We are pleased to introduce one of the largest International Circuit with respect to Awards. Our printed catalogs will be with more than 300 reproductions. We have five attractive sections. Special offers for group entries.Rush with your beautiful works

Bengal Autumn - International Circuit of Photography 2014, is an joint initiative by IVAF, Focus & KMTA Exceed in organizing an international circuit under the approved rules of FIAP, PSA and FIP. The approval numbers are FIAP/2014/339-340-341, PSA 2014-233 and FIP/15-16-17/2014. Acceptances obtained in this circuit will be taken into account for FIAP Distinctions and PSA Star Ratings, listing in worldwide PSA Who’s Who of Photography & credited to the PSA Distinctions and same applied for FIP (applicable for Indian Entrants only).